Basic Subscription

$$: $300/90 days or $1000/year.

What do I get?

  • Map Features
    • Share dynamic maps – share live versions of maps
    • PDF Download and Print
    • Footprint tools – and what, pray tell, are footprint tools?
      • Vulnerable Populations Footprint tool
      • Covid-19 Vulnerable Populations tool
    • Save your custom Maps to profile for future editing
    • Upload your own data!
  • Report Tool Features
    • [Standard] indicator package
      • Including:
    • PDF Report Export
    • Community Development indicator package
      • Built Housing indicators, including:
      • Economic indicators, including:
      • Housing indicators, including:
    • Single County Reporting
    • Save reports for future editing
  • Custom data
    • Use your own data to create map layers – upload your data sets and create layers to use in the Map Room
    • Access to the Data Builder – more info about how cool this is!
    • Maximum data sets: 10 (don’t worry – you can remove data sets and create new ones!)