American Community Survey data is rolling out to the Map Room and will show in Assessments in mid-May. Learn more from the US Census Bureau.

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Community Assessment

SparkMap's Community Assessment will help you create complex community needs assessments, track public health trends, and easily support fundraising goals with just a few clicks.

Poverty Map

Map Room

Identify gaps, assets, and tell your story in a geographic context.


Upload, download, and analyze data - get the most out of data with SparkMap.

data visualization
e.g. U.S. Census Bureau
e.g. Change in Total Population
e.g. Households Living Below the Poverty Level, Percent by County, ACS 2014-18

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Custom Assessment Areas

Group ZIP codes or other standard geographies, specify a radius, or draw an area to create a customized assessment.

*some calculation limitations apply

Map Your Data

Integrate data in CSV, KML/KMZ, or shapefiles formats into the Map Room. Use the map editing tools to create a custom map using your data.

Data Visualization

Use SparkMap's charts, graphs, dials, trend graphs, and maps to enhance and validate your story.

25,000+ Mappable Layers

Search and overlay information from a broad library of data sets, explore the maps, and share with others.

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