We are a small and adventurous group of geographic information specialists, programmers, and data nerds. We love making maps, developing new data visualizations, and helping individuals and organizations find solutions to do their work. Our projects focus on collecting, analyzing, and visualizing secondary data related to health, environment, agriculture, safety, education, and the economy. Most importantly, we appreciate and understand the faced opportunities and challenges when manipulating data in rural United States.

Our Home

SparkMap is a product of the Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems (CARES) and hosted by the University of Missouri. CARES affiliation to the University of Missouri Extension and the University of Missouri system provides a strong foundation for our technical infrastructure, access to applied research opportunities, and a welcoming work environment on campus.

Our Future

SparkMap is dedicated to continuing to provide free mapping and reporting tools that support data and case-making needs across sectors. However, not everything can be free. Our subscription offerings are just the beginning of the value-added tools, data, and support we plan to offer as we grow and evolve. The dollars received from subscriptions will help us keep our technology up-to-date, develop new features, and continue to provide free data and tools when and where we can. 

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