Subscription FAQs

Where can I sign up for a consultation/live demo?

Email us at to set up a live demonstration and learn if SparkMap is right for you.

What can I access for free on SparkMap?

You’ll get access to the Map Room to explore more than 25,000 mappable data layers. You’ll also be able to create a Community Assessment for a single county using the core selected indicators. By creating a free account you will also be able to save an unlimited number of maps and assessments. 

What is the main difference between Pro and Premium subscription?

Pro subscriptions are focused on providing customization options in the SparkMap Map Room. With a Pro subscription you can add your own data to a map, access advanced mapping tools, and customize the map colors and symbols. Premium subscriptions are focused on providing customization options in the SparkMap Community Assessment while also providing access to the advanced Map Room features. Premium subscriptions provide exclusive indicators AND custom geographies. 

Do you support multiple licenses or for organizations?

Yes! Please visit to learn more about our Hubs – the CARES version of an organizational/multi-user platform for storing and sharing data, maps, and community assessments. 

If you need more functionality for a larger team please contact us directly via email. We also create organization level sites that can be specifically tailored to your needs.  

Can I have a trial run of SparkMap before subscribing?

You can use the basic features of the MapRoom and Community Assessments for free and learn more about our tools. Feel free to check out our support material to see some of the tools in action.

Why should I subscribe?

Do you spend a lot of time looking for data from the Census, American Fact Finder, or other secondary data sources? Would you benefit from having access to robust assessments and customizable maps to inform business strategy, storytelling, case-making, or research? If you said yes, then SparkMap is for you! SparkMap tools are flexible and can be used to complete assessments, determine strategies, and implement solutions across a variety of sectors. SparkMap gives you quick access to reliable, up-to-date, and relevant data, anytime you need it.